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Drop Down And Get Your Eagle On Girl : 10 Signs You’re A Sophistiratchet Woman

A picture of a mother in club wear busting it open while posing with her son at his graduation. A twitter profile of a teenager showing her pregnant stomach, hand on her hip, with TeamSingle as her bio. Mothers minus panties switch around high school graduations looking for a man, lactating little girls take to twitter to find a boo, and chicks are throwing pussy at incompetent D-boys for Snapple and Wicked Chicken. Hoodrats are highly contagious and even those from good homes get sucked into the dramatic ways or ratchetdom.

These females represent the most basic and non-filtered part of humanity, which always comes across as funny and entertaining—at first.

While the hood rats are at the grocery store with their borrowed Vision card.

She told me that guys confuse her. She wanted to know why they say they want a good girl but still deal with hoodrat type women. I have been labeled a nice guy myself by many. Some ladies want some rough dude who has to constantly show his assertiveness. I like to say I control shit when it matters. Things only count in the moments they matter. As a guy I had to learn to try and exhibit more of my qualities to women a little faster so they knew I was no push over.

Sometimes being too laid back will land you right in that friend zone. Hoodrats appeal to many guys because they offer a lot of face value. Like Eddie Murphy once said, these women just feed your ego. We know most hoodrats to be some of the biggest freaks. Again this may be contrary to how you see yourself. You could very well be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Men are just more visual.

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And listen to your gut, if you have to question certain things then leave it alone. I dont care how good they look. Some poison taste good but its still poison. Antifreeze used to taste sweet but its still bad,chemist had to add a bitter tasting agent to it after some guy poised his wife by mixing it with gatorade. I dont know why you guys keep thinking you can just smash and dash these hood rats they are not gonna make the break up easy. She might get pregnant on purpose since your going to medical school.

A glorified hoodrat is the female you run across online on one of the popular dating sites.

First thing you should know, is you attract what you are. As far as appearance, this is the hardest part to me. A girl can look like a rat, and actually be a lady, or look like a lady and actually be a rat. You can usually spot them however because they will have some sort of designer purse on with them. They love taking pictures with money that is the hood rat stamp. People in the real world realize that money is not a toy that you flaunt off, or keep balled up.

You respect money, and you save it. Only a rat would respect someone throwing it also. Rats converse only about other rats, other broke people, and what celebrities they look like or want to be. You can never bring them out in public because no matter the location, they are still the loudest one.

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Not only that, they lack the ability to identitfy another glorified hoodrat when they see one.

Bosephus I dont want them dating a common tramp like their mother obviously is! RelativeChaos00 If you have children, remember that they are half her no matter how much you dislike her. Referring to her as a common tramp tells your kids that you think that they are half common tramp as well and I doubt that is the opinion of themselves you want to reinforce. That said, RelativeChaos00, you have some good advice for many others I am sure.

Trogan Fan Tsk, tsk. There are girls you date and girls you marry. Hot, shallow, slightly crazy chicks are far better in the sack. Especially when a pretty girl is involved. This situation is one he might have to find out on is on, then I will be there to support him as he figures it out. They are having self-image problems because of the media, by men, by boys all the time.

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Hood Rats by C’Moore Productions most black men find it easier to settle for a hood rat because While the hood rats are at the grocery store with their borrowed Vision card. Real women are in college, into their careers, or on their jobs working hard. While the hood rats are figuring out how many “rat catchers” they can play all at the same time. Real women are hoping for just one man who is not trying to play with her mind.

There are women who are from the hood, but they go to school, and end up with great careers.

What do you think of White Suburban Women who act likeHoodrats? If you grew up in the south, you are going to pronounce words with a particular accent, and you are going to use terminology vastly different from that used by a mid-westerner, Californian, or northerner. Same with New Yorkers and Bostonians I never understand what those Boston folks are talking about! This is beyond simple vernacular or regional pronunciation.

I love accents and regional dialects and I believe they are one of the many things that makes this country the wonderful melting pot that it is. However, Ebonics or Urban speak etc. The people that use this type of language are typically uneducated and simply do not care enough to learn to speak properly. Additionally, many of these people are the same ones that will complain about their inability to be hired for a job when they obviously lack the basic communication skills to effectively doing even the most simple job.

Ebonics does not in any way help the Black community. It does not glorify it or set it apart in any positive way. Ebonics promulgates the the effect of the lack of importance of education that permeates the Black community. The Black community has every right and reason to embrace their heritage. I am not in any way denying this.

The Good Girl vs The Hoodrat

We all know a few. Some of them work down at your local hospital, sticking you with needles and processing you in and out of the healthcare system. What am I referring to? A glorified hoodrat is the female you run across online on one of the popular dating sites. Glorified hoodrats typically work at average jobs that come with a few health benefits, live in average neighborhoods most likely an apartment complex , drive an average vehicle and typically does average things in their spare time.

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Take it from me, ghetto boys are nightmares. Semi-Homeless put the toe in ghetto. Here are some of the lowlights of our relationship. He called me Boo. I hated being called Boo. For those of you new to my blog, this was , when Boo was common slang for boyfriend or girlfriend.