Pretty new to Polaris for that matter. But now I have an ’05 Predator and it’s driving me insane. It’s super clean and not really modded up. Actually it looks all bone-stock save for the Yoshi exhaust can. So here’s what it’s doing It’ll start up very nicely. Barely touch the start button and it fires right up. No surging, no hick-ups.

Predator 212cc

The following hardware was used for the complete throttle assembly from the pedal to the engine: Gas Pedal The go kart throttle pedal also known as a gas pedal is the one on the right of the picture with its associated return spring and hardware used to mount it to the go kart frame. Looking at the gas pedal, you will notice there are four small holes on the lower portion of the pedal.

The throttle cable does not need to be disconnected from the carb.

Follow Setup Installation Instructions If you find any errors, or would like to add in any way please let me know, thanks! This is a basic throttle kit for the Predator cc. The governor will not be affected by this. Assemble the kit as shown. When threading the bolts in, move your wrench or ratchet in either direction a few times, this should make the threading easier.

Start by removing the air box assembly, remove the tube from the gas tank. Remove with a 10mm socket the two nuts holding the air box assembly on. Slowly pull it away – there may be another hose in the back. This is what it should look like: Now ready to prep the stock linkage for the upgraded kit. This should to be able to move freely now. Remove the conduit retainer red circle and set aside – it’s no longer needed.

Throttle Linkage Kit, for Go Kart Mini Bike

The innerwire length is shown above. Eyelet on one end, straight wire on the other. Make sure the throttle pedal is against the rear pedal stop 3. Pull the throttle cable housing toward the rear of the kart until you feel resistance. DO NOT pull the throttle cable housing any further. Hold the cable housing in this position and screw the front jam nut 2 against the frame.

Unscrew and remove the cap.

Remove front fenders, then gas tank, and airbox assembly. This gives you access to the top of the motor and the throttle cable. At this time remove the stock thumb throttle and disconnect the wiring from the throttle. With that disconnected you can now remove it since you will not need it. With the thumb throttle assembly off and throttle cable removed from the thumb throttle assembly you can move on to the gas line.

Using a pair of pliers, slide back the retain and pull off carb. At this time you can loosen the clamp on the motor side. The throttle cable does not need to be disconnected from the carb. The R carb has a choke lever directly on the carb, just like the EX’s do. Located on top of the carb is a black plunger.

Predator Carburetor

Our Mikuni fuel pump is simple, easy to install and operates off the the pulse created by the engine. There are many different locations to mount the fuel pump. One thing you want to keep in mind is the fuel pump should be as close as possible to the source of the pulse which runs the pump. The fuel pump pictured has been mounted on the fan shroud. Once the pump is mounted you have three lines to hook up.

The pilot fuel jet s can be changed to bigger richer or smaller leaner , depending upon your problem.

Attachment My cable enters at D and connects to E. The tiny, almost-useless existing throttle spring at F gets help from the new spring from the HRM kit, going from the kit’s L-bracket at A to the tab at F. But that puts a LOT of stretch in the spring, and when operating the throttle, the two throttle return springs interfere with each other and go ping-ping-ping!

I didn’t want to remove the original throttle return spring–if the new one breaks, the old one will be there to do something. Finally, because of the welded-on nuts under the cable brackets, the existing L-bracket plus adjustable cable retainer in the HRM kit won’t bolt on as designed. Instead of the bolt included with the kit, you can use the existing engine screw from the cable retainer, together with a washer on the kit’s L-bracket, but if you try to position it at D , it will interfere with the air cleaner.

I just decided not to use it at all.

Fuel Pump Setup

Test the primer assembly. Fuel only flows one way through primer assemblies. So, the first step in determining the overall fuel line routing in this type of carburetor is to determine which are the input and output sides of the primer. Attach fuel lines to the primer assembly, submerge both lines in some 2-cycle fuel, and prime the bulb.

Double Check that the address you gave is correct.

The Customer Question gas seems to be under The gas seems to be under pressure going to the carburetor. It a continues flow out of the over flow tube. Kinked the tube to stop the gas flow and gas is in the crank now. Oil is over flowing into the airbox. Please help on how to adjust the gas flow to the carb. We removed the floats last night and the fuel needle.

Polaris predator 500 backfire

Predator cc Performance If you came to this page you are probably looking for a go kart engine or a predator cc engine, you are in luck. I have been upgrading and building go karts for years and have some engine buying advice for the racer, or novice yard kart driver. Go kart engines can be used for racing or just putting around the yard depending on what performance parts or mods that you upgrade. There are many small industrial 4 stroke engines you can use, but who cares about them.

Lets skip all those, and just go straight to the cheapest, and very reliable go kart engine: Predator Engines Predator engines have destroyed the competition.

Products must be returned within 30 days of receipt.

This throttle linkage kit is compatible with the Predator cc engine. Would this work on the 79cc Predator motor? No, it is not designed for 3hp 79cc Predator engine. The Predator and Powerland 6. However we are unable to confirm that it is a bolt on ready kit for the Powerland 6. What is a good cable for this kit?


It is recommended to read through the entire instructions before beginning! Removal Step 1 – Overview of engine Compartment 1. Shut off the fuel valve.

The governor will not be affected by this.

Basic Carburetor Tuning Guide First off, there’s 2 basic fuel related problems. You either have a rich mixture, or a lean mixture. A rich mixture is caused by too much fuel compared to the amount of air being used during combustion. Rich conditions can be detected by the engine spitting and sputtering, blurbling, or acting like a rev limiter, rapidly losing and regaining power. In severely rich conditions, you may be seeing black smoke coming from the exhaust. The black smoke you see is actually raw fuel that is not being burnt and is being wasted.

Throttle Linkage Kit for Predator 212cc Engine (6.5HP) – (Red)

I love the carb but there always seemed to have a idle problem. I tried many different pilot jet sizes and seemed to have a way smaller one then most of you. When I got my back from rebuild last month It just didn’t seem as fast as it once did and after taking my modded motor out of the frame set up,the got way faster. I put the motor in a stock frame with stock carb,stck fuel pump ,stock cdi,and the pp polaris pipe.

The bolt mounting pattern is universal.