He is a well known basket ball player and has been representing Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association for the duration of and from till present. In between he played for Miami heat from to His listed height is 6 feet 8 inches Childhood and introduction to sports Her mother name is Gloria Marie James who was 16 years old at the time of birth of LeBron. His mother raised him one her own and because of poverty and financial problems she allowed him to move in with the family of a local youth football coach, who introduced James to the game of football. In his youth he played for the Northeast Ohio shooting Stars under Amateur Athletic Union and played an important role in local as well as national winning of the team. Football Career He continued playing football as a freshman in his high school years and finally in his professional career was started by getting selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in NBA draft. He is one of the greatest football players in the time.

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Email Comment LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. For example when he was with Miami he was running that team, not Erik Spoelstra. When he shuts it down the whole team shuts it down.

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By Deena Bustillo on Carmen Ortega was hard at work again in the Hollywood Hills this week doing a sexy photo shoot in a studded red swimsuit that did not hide any of her curves. The model lounged in an infinity pool and sipped water as she posed in her cornrows. She just makes it look so easy, right? Well, she tweeted her mantra this weekend: Jay Z and Beyonce not only attended, they performed at the reception.

James’ teammate Dwayne Wade Gloria James is dating a rapper named Da Real Lambo which is probably not his given name. The report surfaced this week on multiple websites and Mr.

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Would they welcome him with open arms or would they turn their back on him like he did to them years earlier? That is 18 months of Chris Broussard nagging about what his back channels are saying. As a lifelong and die hard Cleveland fan dying for a championship, I should be excited and want him back. Aside from Michael Jordan, I have never seen anything like him.

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To go back to the first Jim Thome cards , you need to head back to Ninja Turtles were rocking the half shell and Vanilla Ice was asking us to stop, collaborate and listen. Things in the world of pop culture were starting to get loud. There were signs of it in the hobby, particularly the pop art stylings of Topps and the bright red of Donruss. But for the most part, things were still on the traditional side.

Although the card industry was starting to peak, a lot of minor league cards were still not part of the mainstream. This includes a pair of Jim Thome cards, which are both significantly tougher to find than his actual RCs. But while a lot of Hall of Famers, even those making their debut in this era, have several Rookies, Thome has just two. Much like his career, these have both been relatively quiet. And by the time he starting hitting 30, 40, 52 home runs in a reason, a lot of collectors had left the hobby leaving a glut of product from his early seasons.

Everyone can still appreciate a Jim Thome Rookie Card for what it is—a humble start to a legendary career.

What It’s Like to Be LeBron James’ Neighbor

Put some Respeck on B. And if he knows what I know, he better stay married. She has three damn kids with him.

Any players who are not an “international player”, must be at least one year out of the graduation of his high school class in order for them to qualify for the upcoming draft.

June 10, Mike Berardino, SunSentinel. Over the past two days, the Miami Heat star forward had to deal with scurrilous, Houston radio-based rumors about an affair involving his fiancee Savannah Brinson and Washington Wizards player Rashard Lewis. Lewis denied those rumors Friday on the same Houston radio station — Now I come home and I hear the same rumors. Those rumors are percent false. I don’t know how they came up. This supposed source relayed word of a rumored tryst on South Beach between Brinson and Lewis, a former Orlando Magic player.

So now we’re going on the radio, passing along third-hand rumors heard at the local watering hole without ever attempting to get Lewis himself on the air? Lewis said he reached out to James’ stepfather and assured him the rumors were “completely false. He told me not to worry about it at all.

LeBron James Opts Out – Is Rooting For LeBron James Like Dating A Hot But Slutty Chick?

Eligibility for the NBA draft Some players must be at least 19 years of age during the calendar year of the draft, and a player who completed basketball eligibility at an American high school must also be at least one year removed from the graduation of his high school class. Restrictions exist on players signing with sports agents and on declaring for, then withdrawing, from drafts—although most of them are enforced by the NCAA rather than the NBA.

There had been only 44 draftees from high school to college to play in the NBA throughout this process.

The Cavaliers need a giant puzzle piece to vie for the title, and that missing piece is Lebron James.

The summer of , that can wait. James said Tuesday that he is not thinking about the possibility of becoming a free agent in 12 months, though he did acknowledge that the prospects of competing with Dwyane Wade , Chris Bosh , Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley for several more championships with the Miami Heat is more than a tiny bit intriguing. And we all hope that can happen, obviously. The most interesting news, however, was when he spoke of his short- and long-term plans.

First, he’s vowing to come back better next season, which is no small promise from someone with four MVP awards, two Finals MVP awards and who carries the tag of “best player in the world. I don’t know, life changes, things happen, and we have to be prepared for that. But this is what we all want to be here for, that’s to be able to compete for a championship each and every year.

And if we can do that, then it’d be awesome. He’s gotten to the championship series in all three of his seasons with Miami, falling to Dallas in , then beating Oklahoma City last season and the Spurs this year. The team gathered for physicals and a quick meeting on Tuesday, and now begins the process of scattering for vacation and other business. James will make his annual trip with Nike to China next month, not long after Wade does some business there.

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But families who live in Bath Township, Ohio, have also struggled with traffic, media crews, tourists and increased police presence ever since the NBA star announced his decision to return home from Miami and play again for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s a bit calmer now, but there’s still a pretty steady flow of sightseers taking pictures and stopping and looking. James Tuesday sent cupcakes and an apology card to his immediate neighbors for the traffic and chaos he caused.

But fans are still waiting for the basketball pro, who’s in China, to make his official debut in Ohio.

It’s crazy how the lord works in mysterious ways.

LeBron James Girlfriend and Dating History By admin on Sep 30, advertisement LeBron James is thought of as one of the best basketball players of all time and especially one of the best in the new era of professional basketball. He is known around the world for his athleticism. Recently he has announced that he is going back to Cleveland, which is his hometown. This will give him the opportunity to be close to his family again.

They were high school sweethearts who fell in love and have had a long and loving relationship. However, they have had a rocky road and have split up and gotten back together a few times over the last 14 years. They have two children together, both sons. His wife Savannah is also pregnant with a daughter they will name Zhuri who is due in Fall In the two got engaged. On September 14, the couple finally tied the knot after 13 years of being together.

This was a star studded event that was a 3 day weekend affair. They greeted guests the night before the wedding with a barbecue feast and then had the wedding the next day. The reception for the wedding lasted well into the night on Saturday and then Sunday he had a wedding brunch to celebrate.

LeBron James Marries Savannah Brinson

In Part One of a three-part series on James and his place in the league, we take a look at the people behind James, who have helped shape him into an international marketing force and a difference-maker for at-risk kids in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. He is a four-time league MVP and only the second to win it four times in five years , was the only player in the league to lead his team in scoring, rebounding and assists last year he fell just one vote short of becoming the first ever to win the MVP with a unanimous vote and is the youngest player to reach 20, points.

LeBron James Nathaniel S. His popularity extends into fields unrelated to sports.

Meet Sharon Reed, a journalist, news reporter and the alleged baby mother of Lebron James.

Was Delonte West really dating Gloria James? The rumored story goes something like this. Delonte and Gloria were hooking up a lot during the Cavs season. She began traveling with the team more, and became closer to Delonte who was in the midst of a divorce to his wife of less than a year. The whole relationship came to a head while in Boston during the NBA playoffs.

LeBron went out to dinner with friends Jay-Z and Beyonce, leaving a self proclaimed slightly under the weather Gloria James back in the team hotel. LeBron advised mom not to venture out into the notoriously vulturous Boston city, especially during the playoffs, and that he would bring her back a doggie bag. The Cavaliers were obviously elminated shortly thereafter with a visibly shaken LeBron James having the worst playoff series of his career.

The rumors came out during the playoffs, which some would argue the speed makes it more likely to be nothing more than a well promoted bullshit story. For those that had yet to hear, the lawyer statement only added fuel to the fire. Sportstalk radio exploded with everyone offering their own theories, but most seemed to if not center around, at least come back to pieces of the hotel story. Some shows interviewed sports figures for their thoughts, and while most offered either a passing dismissal, or a flat out denial, some weighed in.

Do Cavaliers fans want Lebron James back in Cleveland in 2014?

In the United States, though, he is essentially unknown outside basketball circles. Blatt said it was perfectly fair to point out that he lacked experience coaching in the N. On the other hand, he said, he has dealt with adversity that the great majority of N. Advertisement He has, for instance, coached players in Russia who wanted to boycott because they had not been paid.

He coached players who would not play in Belgrade , Serbia, because they were concerned for their safety. He has coached Americans — a number of them — who were in Europe grudgingly, and he has grappled with executives from other countries who did not always agree with his methods.

Would you welcome Lebron James back with open arms or has the damage been done and you want no part of him?

You can see how she stumbled that she’s lying. I thought she wasn’t allowed to even speak on this per their contract? I’ll leave this here. This article was wiped from the net. Meet Sharon Reed, a journalist, news reporter and the alleged baby mother of Lebron James. Rumor has it, that Lebron took good care of Sharon financially when he was in Ohio. Starting new beginnings, James decided to go to Miami and play with the Heat.

Moving forward and focused starting his new life in Miami with his family leaving his past in Cleveland, drama and all. Ironically everything but Sharon. Sharon kept the romance going, flying to Miami visiting Lebron. Word on the street is one of those visits Sharon and Lebron James conceived a baby. The rumors swirled so much at her job that they fired her while she was on maternity leave.

Lebron must really love Savannah finding a sidepiece that looks like his main girl.

LeBron James’ Mom Confirms New Romance with Aspiring Rapper, Criticism Ensues

Rowling tells the truth in her fiction. Her twitter feed is another matter. In her fiction , Rowling treats even Voldemort sympathetically. She takes nothing away from the evil he chooses to pursue, nor does she make the reader delight in his wickedness.

West was fully within his legal rights to carry it.

You can find new stories here. That changed on Sept. West explained to the officer that he was carrying weapons: The police later reported that the shotgun was in a guitar case. The website Rotoworld cited Terminator and Raising Arizona. Everyone else brought up El Mariachi , the Robert Rodriguez film that features a motorbike, a guitar case, and a whole lot of weapons. That diagnosis had been fairly minor news , and West had gone on to have his best NBA season to date.

But now the clinical label offered, or seemed to offer, an explanation for an outlandish story.