These documents become part of each staff member’s permanent personnel file, and are often used to determine employee eligibility for raises. Reviewing sample forms that have already been filled out is a good way to get comfortable with this aspect of your supervisory role. Two Complete Example Documents The examples presented here can give you an idea of how you can provide praise and encouragement where due, while also pointing out areas where improvement is needed in a constructive manner. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips. Needs Technical Skill Improvement The following sample evaluation is for an employee who does a good job overall and gets along with colleagues, but who needs to master new technical skills to keep up with the current demands of the job. Download Example Evaluation 2. Needs to Improve Co-Worker Relations The example evaluation below was completed for a salesperson who is a good producer, but who is not viewed as a team player by co-workers and who needs to improve people skills to be successful in the workplace. Download Sample Completed Evaluation Consider Evaluations Individually While these sample documents can help give you an idea of what to include in performance appraisal, each employee must be evaluated independently in terms of his or her specific performance and particular job description. Think carefully about what you include, being sure that each performance assessment you complete provides an accurate reflection of performance for the rating period. Ongoing Feedback Keep in mind that formal evaluations should provide an overview of employee performance throughout the entire rating period.

Sample Completed Employee Evaluations

Diane Gottsman Change in management can be a big adjustment. You can adjust your attitude and do your part to help the change go smoothly. Here are nine tips for surviving a new boss: This gesture shows self-confidence and respect. Stay positive under pressure.

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Sample Completed Employee Evaluations

Workplace relationships are can be extremely tricky, just as personal or family relationships can be. Managers are not robots — they have feelings and emotions. So how can they be expected to just turn those emotions off when they enter company property?

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There are many advantages to being the black owner of a successful, small company, in addition to the obvious benefits of making a lot of money and being able to enjoy a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle. I also enjoy being the boss of and having control over my white employees, many of whom are racists. So I guess that makes me a racist too since I want to exploit their weaknesses and show them who is boss.

They probably only submit to working for me because I pay the best wages in area, for their job-skill level. My name is Marcus, and my wife Dedra and I were forty-two years old at the time of this story. We live in a spacious home on a lake on the outskirts of Birmingham. I own an electronic components manufacturing company on the fringes of the Birmingham metropolitan area. Most of the highly technical components that we assemble are subcontracted to other companies.

I employ ten, semi-skilled workers and one engineer who assemble and test the final products for sale and shipment to our customers.

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Business Etiquette: Nine Tips to Surviving a New Boss

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Should You Date Your Boss?