AB Finish This iridescent finish used on glass and plastic beads is named after the colorful lights seen in northern skies, the aurora borealis, or AB for short. The finish is also called rainbow. AB beads may be any color and are usually monochromatic and transparent, but they may also be matte or even pearlized, as well as striped or silver-lined. Beads are given an AB finish by passing them through vaporized metal ions. This process leaves a thin deposit on their surface of tiny metallic particles, which break up light waves into the colors of the spectrum, much as water droplets refract sunlight to create a rainbow. This iridescent play of light causes the underlying color of the beads to shift, sometimes considerably. AB finish is widely used on seed beads and bugles; Czech molded glass beads, both smooth and faceted; plastic plain and fancy shapes; and cut glass crystals. Liu Glass seed beads with AB finish. Cas Webber Abalone Shell Mother-of-pearl from the nacreous lining of abalone shells has been used to make beads and ornaments since prehistoric times. Abalone is a marine mollusk of the genus Haliotis with worldwide distribution.

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Dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed in the following campgrounds: Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed in the campground, the picnic area, and on Pipeline Road, Graham Hill Trail, and Meadow Trail, but are not permitted on any other trails or interior roads. Each campsite has a picnic table, fire ring with grill and a metal food storage box; there are no hookups in the parks.

Pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed in the campgrounds and picnic areas, but are not permitted on any trails. Sequoia National Forest Campgrounds Dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed in the campgrounds.

New recruit Anthony Kerins, from Dublin, said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his great uncle who was in the British Army.

Tremendously versatile craw bait as many others have mentioned. Some very unique colors and perfectly designed to hold a glass rattle. Shove the rattle down to the solid head and put a Senko sized o-ring at the thin center portion. I’ve used the watermelon craw color in the nastiest sections of the Mississippi River with great success From: I love the action on the claws!

Good size, very slow sinking, and average durability. I wish they made a solid body version, because without a weight it sinks reeeeaaally slow and the hollow body makes it hard to use for a jig trailer. Paca chunk is good for that, but a bit small From: There’s certain times when they don’t want a bait on the bottom and they don’t want a full on moving bait. Know what you do?

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The earliest mention of animal crackers we have in print is this recipe from Staunton VA] April 1, p. It does not offer any instructions regarding the shaping of these cookies. The author offers this interesting preface note on p.

Every other fishing and hunting activity has limits.

Try to conceptualize that amount. One-half of a billion pounds of menhaden fish are harvested every single year from the Chesapeake Bay. That said, after spending some time in the lovely little town of Reedville, Virginia, Melody and I started asking some questions about the foul-smelling fish plant that dominates the landscape. Reed arrived in Reedville of course not yet named that from Maine in where Native American Indians had shown the white man how to use a small oily fish called Menhaden as fertilizer.

Reed then developed a method of extracting large quantities of oil from the fish by rendering them by the millions. The oil was then used as a lubricant or in lighting as whale oil was and the leftover carcasses and bones were buried for fertilizer. Cut to today… the Omega Protein owned fish plant is second only to Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the amount of fish processed.

They employ somewhere from to workers depending on the season, have 8 modern day fishing boats and 8 spotter aircraft. Photo courtesy of www. The fish cause disturbances on the water and once they are spotted, the planes radio the fleet who immediately rushes to the area to scoop up the large schools of fish. The fish are later processed at the plant and used in everything from cat food to cosmetics to the popular Omega-3 fish oil pills many of us take for our health.

Menhaden Fishing — Photo courtesy of www.

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Print Article AA A while back, we received instructions from the suits to put together a set of lists of the ten best in several categories. As Gustavo explained , this is meant to make our already awesome Best Of applications even more awesome One of the categories was gay bars, and we all stood around scratching our heads. All six of us are in long-term relationships of the “opposite” sort.

Absent any actual experience of gay bars in Orange County, we consulted the experts–blowing our entire budget on gay bar research in the process–and today we’re proud to welcome Greg Barnes of Laguna Niguel as a guest writer. Greg, take it away!

Microwave was missing but Catherine left a brand new one on back porch.

But when Walston returned home from touring in and began contemplating his next move, he no longer felt the same connection to that classic-rock sound. I want to be part of living music in this moment. Do albums matter anymore? But I was just outside that line of desperation. Looking back on the tour cycle for Essential Tremors, Walston can only chuckle. Of course, not many bands experience the sort of growth in prominence and audience size that Walston and his compatriots have witnessed in the past several years.

Road warriors from the time they formed in , JRWATB has long been an underground favorite, toiling away in clubs and bars and carving out its own niche outside of the rock mainstream. But the radio success of Essential Tremors opened new doors and fostered exciting opportunities, including invites to Lollapalooza, the Newport Folk Festival, and Bonnaroo, and a featured slot in an episode of the prestigious music TV institution, Austin City Limits.

With every new experience came requests to play more shows. Being a parent makes you powerful in that way. But before JRWATB could get started on its fourth album, Walston decided to do some literal construction on a new space for the band where it could rehearse and record.

British Army enjoys recruitment boom from Irish Republic after troops leave Northern Ireland

These include refrigerators which also known as kegerators, mobile bar units and walk-in room coolers. A less expensive method of storing beer is to convert a food refrigerator or freezer into a kegerator see kegerator conversion kit. Beer Flow Components The components of a draft beer system include all the equipment from the keg to the faucet. These components include the keg, the keg coupler keg tap , brewery approved beer, gas line tubing and associated fittings, beer shank assembly and the beer faucet.

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Since partition, Irish citizens have had the right to join the Army and they made up 4 per cent of recruitment in , the year after troops withdrew. But the latest figures show that, since April, 16 per cent of all those enlisting in Northern Ireland are from the Irish Republic, up from But events like Blood Sunday when 13 innocent civilians were shot dead during an illegal civil rights march in Londonderry have stirred up hatred for the British uniform and deterred many from joining up.

Now in a dramatic indication of the changing relations between the two islands following the peace process, army recruitment figures show 16 per cent of all those enlisting in Northern Ireland since April were from south of the border. That figure is up from Last week six men who signed up in Enniskillen came from as far afield as Cork, Limerick and Dublin, to take an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

We are now seeing Irish people commemorating the Battle of the Somme again.

Pet Friendly Campgrounds in the U.S.

Share this article Share Photographs circulating online show half-finished decorations, boxes strewn across the floor and an ice rink without any ice. Children were videoed desperately trying to push their way around the rink, but to no avail. Disappointed customers have also vented their frustration at the planners after they were told they could have to wait 28 days for a refund.

They were among the first to arrive on Saturday morning and he said his children were disappointed with the presents they received. I’ve seen some Santa’s in my time but today’s Santa was awful.

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Check out the complete list of all 80 cities in our study. Taking home the grand prize, Austin scores relatively high in everything, from frequency of dating partners to the number of establishments to meet people. Austin also has the highest percentage of year-olds and knows how to have fun as they spent more money out socializing than any other area. Austin residents also had the highest expenditures on alcohol purchased away from home. Ranks in the 99th percentile for socializing at bars and also scores high in the dining out category San Diego, CA: Scores high in the diversity index, which rates the likelihood of randomly meeting someone of a different race or ethnicity, and, of course, San Diego is off the charts when it comes to outdoor recreational opportunities Raleigh Durham, NC: Has a large year-old population and a high amount of online daters in the area Seattle, WA: It also has the highest percentage of online daters.

Came in near the top due to the exceptional amount of flowers that were brought as gifts for a special someone. Online dating was also high, in the 83rd percentile. Scores in the 98th percentile for percentage of singles and ranks high in the dining out category as well Springfield, MA:


By Rachel Weiner By Rachel Weiner August 15, Follow rachelweinerwp Women posting sex ads online in Northern Virginia are increasingly likely these days to be met by a cop instead of a customer. Authorities say they have seen an uptick in prostitution at area hotels and are increasingly using stings to target the women. Most of the arrested women had posted ads in the escorts section of Backpage.

Looking back on the tour cycle for Essential Tremors, Walston can only chuckle.

Of course always looking for females and couples. You must also realize these places attract a lot of gay amd bi-males. Located 3 miles south of I in Howell. Some like watching it! Either way, you can tell what you’ve done and where you’ve done it. Or what you saw and where you saw it. NJ adult pleasures http: Any topic is welcome so don’t be shy, go ahead and claim yours Here are some of my favorites:

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And it includes classifieds from all over the planet. They include bi-curious wives, gays and lesbians. It’s easy to browse, instant message, email and chat with other horny members utilizing the latest apps for Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

That’s according to our man Fisher of the Barnum Museum.

Nature lovers, budget travelers, and vacationers who just adore the great outdoors often find that camping is an ideal way to tour and explore the Outer Banks. With literally dozens of campgrounds spanning from the Currituck County mainland to Ocracoke Island, camping enthusiasts will find they have plenty of options to choose from. From the small mom and pop campground with just a couple dozen sites to sprawling facilities managed by a renowned national chains or the National Park Service, potential campers can literally choose their own adventure.

Saddle up next to the sound in the deep clusters of Live Oaks along the Frisco Woods, pull up the RV to a swinging spot in the heart of Ocracoke Village, or tie up the boat to a dockside camping site in Currituck that has miles of waterfront views. Camping is clearly an easy and inexpensive way to see the Outer Banks, however newcomers to the local camping scene may not be familiar with the options available, the amenities on site, or the reservation process.

For answers to your questions, review the following FAQs for extensive Outer Banks camping information. You can also visit local camping websites, or simply call your favorite campgrounds for more information on prices, features, and availability. How do I book a stay at an Outer Banks campground? A handful of major campgrounds on the Outer Banks and Inner Banks have comprehensive websites that outlines the individual facility’s amenities, fees, and even allows online booking.

The National Park Service, for example, which operates five campgrounds from just north of Oregon Inlet to Portsmouth Island , allows internet browsers to check a calendar of availability and book and pay for their camping stay online. While online booking is certainly the easiest method to reserve a site, smaller campgrounds may not have as extensive a web presence, and a phone call may be required to secure a reservation.

Luckily, most all campgrounds have trained staff or friendly owners on hand during business hours and on weekends to answer questions, help book reservations, and give their upcoming guests a general overview of their facilities. Before calling or making an online reservation, you should keep in mind any amenities you’ll need, such as electric or cable hook-ups , as well as the desired location of your campsite.

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